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Creating a simple form in Confluence with ConfiForms
Creating a simple form in Confluence with ConfiForms

We start with very simple form with one text field (field name is "myfield" and it is of type "Text"). Will add a default "ConfiForms Registration Control" here as well



You can reference existing Confluence templates to be included into your IFTTT macro body to be used as a page template

The following instructions tells IFTTT macro to look at Confluence templates and try to find a template with given name

Code Block


You can include the template without evaluating it's parameters.


The contents of the template will not be evaluated against the current record, but will be included as-is


More details on using Confluence templates in ConfiForms you can find here, Advanced integrations with IFTTT macros with ConfiForms


Another handler will also react on onCreated even and will send an email to the administrator about created page.


As, the first IFTTT handler actually creates a page you can reference it via ${}, basically the parameter ${iftttResult_0} holds a reference to Page object created (see here the object properties: All getters (get methods are available for you). 


When a ConfiForms entry is created a new page will be created with the content defined in the first IFTTT handler and an email will be sent to the administrator with the link to newly created page


Here is the table that shows which IFTTT handler creates which object:

IFTTT HandlerObject
Send Email-
Create PagePage, of type
Make requestString, response from server
Send Notification-
Create ConfiForms Entryname of the form where entry is created, as string
Delete ConfiForms Entry

Create JIRA IssueJIRA key as string
Create Attachment-

* string type objects could be referenced as is ${iftttResult_INDEX}, where INDEX is the sequence number of the IFTTT handler