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If you are new to ConfiForms please take a look here: Creating a simple form in Confluence with ConfiForms or Basic concepts to learn the basics about ConfiForms.


  • A form with one field (just text field) and with ConfiForms Registration Control which has the following configuration
  • We have set ${} instead of page ID. Some strange at first, but this is how the result of the IFTTT macro is stored. Number 0 shows that it is a result of 1st (numbering starts from 0) IFTTT macro. So, in variable ${iftttResult_0} a created page is stored and you can reference it's ID via "id" property, like ${}. You can reference any "get" property of the object
  • IFTTT macro which we have defined is very simple. It is executed every time when the entry is created and creates a page. That is why the result stored is the page object.
    Image Modified
  • Complete configuration is on the screenshot above. Please note that when "${}" symbols are used on the macro parameters then Confluence macro editor shows metadata for the configured macro like on the screenshot above (actually it is a ConfiForms Registration Control macro with configured "Redirect URL")


    When new entry is added you will be redirected to just created Confluence page.