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And as one ConfiForms Form might have multiple ConfiForms Registration Controls pointing at it - you can set up different redirects.


Form in EDIT mode

Form in VIEW mode


Here is the storage format for the ConfForms Form (we have Registration Control together with the form, to simplify the example)


More about field types and values held can be found here Accessing field values and properties 



If you are looking at what else can be done with redirects, check here Redirect to a created with IFTTT page

This small tutorial shows how to use a result from IFTTT macro to use in redirect parameters. Obviusly, you can combine the two - create a page with IFTTT, save result into the ConfiForms record and then us ethe concept described in the tutorial above to create a correct redirect


Any content page in Confluence can be accessed via it's ID

  • Status
    titleVIEW mode
    - https://YOUR_SERVER/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=SOME_PAGE_ID
  • Status
    titleEDIT MODE
    - https://YOUR_SERVER/pages/editpage.action?pageId=SOME_PAGE_ID


You can override the default redirect timeout by adding |timeout_in_milliseconds to redirectUrl parameter in ConfiForms registration Control macro 

Code Block
<ac:parameter ac:name="redirectUrl">[]|5000</ac:parameter>

Will override the redirect timeout to be 5 seconds