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In ConfiForms we try to use the same classes and styles as your Confluence uses. And ConfiForms forms look very native when used on Confluence pages.


Let' change the background color of the Text field on our form.




The result will be



ConfiForms Form Definition


background-color:grey;textfieldText Fieldtext


What if we want to change some colors or some other styles for the field values, when showing these values in the views

Here is an example of showing the values for the same field in TableView (valid for other views macros, such as: CardView, CalendaView, ListView) 

ValueView macro has own CSS parameter which can be used similar to ConfiForms Field and ConfiForms Field Definition  CSS macro parameters 

ConfiForms TableView

border:1px dashed;margin:5px;padding:5px;color:green;textfield


For this we use the CSS property of the ConfiForms Field macro



If you are curious the CSS for the above is

Code Block
border:1px dashed;margin:5px;padding:5px;color:green;